Livefire Solutions Internship Update 2020

Livefire Solutions Internship Update 2020

2020, Jul 03    

Hello everyone, as it has been a little over a month since I have started my internship with the VMware Livefire Solutions team, I would like to give a little update on my experiences and what I have learned so far.

To begin, here is a little insight on what exactly the VMware Livefire Solutions team does:

  • Perform deliveries both internally and for partners to understand and use various VMware products effectively (Net Promotor Scores -> 80-100 NPS)
  • Create presentations and hands-on labs on live environments to simulate how the products work on an enterprise-level
  • Specialize in specific products and/or fields to provide in-depth knowledge and support for deliveries

As an intern, I have had the opportunity to participate in the R&D bootcamp for new hires. I have also participated in the Multi-Cloud Livefire - Advanced Integration delivery, which covers using VMware Cloud Services products to connect and monitor Kubernetes clusters hosted on multiple clouds using Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, Tanzu Mission Control, and VMware Secure State as well as how to create full CI/CD pipelines with integrations with Jenkins, Artifactory, Gitlab, Docker, Harbor, Slack, etc., using Code Stream. I have learned a lot on how the team works to deliver their content, and have been active in helping to make sure that the labs are functioning properly (it’s a live environment, and the products are constantly being updated). I have also started to work on developing the Tanzu Service Mesh lab environment in order to reduce costs, as well as service up to 50 people.

So far, my experiences with the team have been a blessing, and I am very grateful to be able to participate with a company filled with industry experts in their respective fields. I have felt very welcomed by the team, and have been able to directly see how my contributions have lead to the creation of better deliveries.

In regards to my contributions, here is a condensed list of what I have completed as an intern:

  • QA’d multiple Cloud Services: Advanced Integration lab manuals
  • Identified and assisted the Livefire Team in troubleshooting bugs related to:
    • Kubernetes 1.17.x and 1.18.x
    • Tanzu Mission Control
    • Tanzu Kubernetes Grid
    • Tanzu Service Mesh
    • vRealize Automation Cloud - Code Stream
  • Provided attendee assistance in troubleshooting Kubernetes and Tanzu Mission Control during a live delivery
  • Contributed R&D on new hands on lab environment setup and automation

Image of using Tanzu Service Mesh with two onboarded clusters in a deployed application.

For the remainder of my internship, I intend to add more technical blog posts that will contain scripts and content that I’ve developed over the course of my internship and beyond.